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Frequently asked questions

Will I have to empty my vehicle prior to bringing it for detail services?

It is essential to know, when we are trying to clean a vehicle especially on the inside, our job is only to wash and scrub the dirt out for you and if you’re personal belonging is in the way we have to take additional time to empty your vehicles to prevent anything getting damaged or goes missing. At Infinity Auto Spa we have a policy for personal belonging. We will charge extra if we have to unless customer empty’s the vehicle themselves. So it is advised to have the car emptied before bringing it to us.

What kind of method of payments Infinity Auto Spa Accepts?

Infinity Auto Spa & Detailing accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit and Cash.

Will there be any extra charges on top of the actual package price?

We try to be set on our package prices as best as we can, however depending on the condition of the vehicle the package main gain additional extra charges to it.

Does Infinity Auto Spa quote my vehicle over the phone or email?

All of our prices are on the website, but to give you a final quote we usually like to do it when you come in for the appointment. Unfortunately, we have to be able to see the vehicle prior any last quotes.

Do you accept walk in or by appointments only ?

We only go by appointment. Therefore if you are interested in booking your vehicle in we have to schedule an appointment for you prior your driving to the shop.

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