Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Complete Detailing of Automobiles is based on 4-6 Hour Time Frame and the Condition of the Vehicle.

Cars left on Premises upon Completion of Detail will be assessed a $10.00/day Storage Fee, a 24 Hour Period is given in leeway. Cars left on Premises are NOT the responsibility of “Infinity Auto Spa & Detailing Inc.”

Automobile Pricing will depend on the Condition of the Vehicle, i.e., thick carpet and upholstery stains, removal of smoke odor and problem areas, pet stains and pet hair. The Exterior may Require more time as well and will bill accordingly before the job getting done.

Appointment Time:

Appointment times are approximate & not guaranteed. We do our best to keep the time spot we scheduled for you, but sometimes the unexpected happens, and we fall behind schedule, we are only human after all.

Personal Belongings:

All personal belongings, especially electronic devices, should be removed from your vehicle before your appointment. We will not be held responsible for belongings being damaged or ruined that were left in your car and got wet, soapy or small items that were vacuumed up.And, besides, the more time we have to spend removing, storing and then replacing your belonging — the less time we have to do the actual cleaning on your vehicle!

Accident Happens:

An accident might happen. When damage occurs, we always do our very best to make things right again. Customer satisfaction is crucial to us. We will not, however, repair or replace damaged parts when poor vehicle design, existing wear & tear damage or low-quality parts have played a significant role. We are all aware of the decline of quality in the automotive industry. In cases where it is unclear if the damage occurred while the vehicle was in our care or was pre-existing will be examined individually and in those instances we determine to be our responsibility we will happily rectify. Several factors will be considered in this process. The fact that damage was first noticed as the clean vehicle left our care is not as important as the question of how likely it is that the damage occurred while under our care. People don’t often examine their vehicle as carefully as they do when it has just been cleaned. We can no longer maintain our old policy of “fix everything,” but we always strive to be fair in these matters but only within 24HR of notice.

Thank You,

Infinity Auto Spa & Detailing Inc.